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  1. As a long time fan before the Sam era i only want to see the original lineup.
  2. He does suck but i haven't seen him do anything but fuck the middle class.
  3. Would love an official release of this. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  4. Is there a place to go to see all the members? i can see all the staff, but i can't find an entire member list.
  5. Definitely family here. A lot of long nights were spent on the old board. Kept me sane when i was laid off from work. Good times. I think forum boards is/was like the C.B. craze in the 70's and early 80's. I don't know shit about vb or what this board is but i like this new version. Need some red Ben. LOL. If any of you haven't yet donate to this site. I am donating $10 a month. Unlike some other places, it is not actively sought after.
  6. 16 if i remember correctly. It's at the bottom of the forum page. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  7. If VH is going to hang it up with one last album , album/tour or tour I want it to be with the original lineup.
  8. I've been jailed many times because i have a sick sense of humor. It's all relative. I remember certain people getting butthurt here if you talked bad about The Carpenters.
  9. Recently a coworker asked me " if you could describe what Van Halen is with one song what song would it be?" I told him I'm The One. What song would you choose?
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